ENGRISH of the Month 2!

Hello friends! Today is my two month-versary here in Korea, so you know what that means! Time for this month review of the comedic gold that is Engrish.  This months examples come mostly from the dentist’s office and a delightful tote bag stand in the subway station. Enjoy!

We’ll start at the dentist. They tried really hard to make sure their English speaking patients felt comforted, so I really do appreciate the attempt.

“we are medical team who take responsible for”

Priceless. Now the totes bags…

*sigh* if only happiness were that easy, little Korean kitties…

This says “bros” all over the little heart. I guess the owner of this bag really enjoys frat brothers?

If you can’t see it, it says “you are my shin sunshine shine”

It sounds like someone needs to get this cat to a hospital STAT.
And whats with the house? And what does “plip” mean? So many questions…

I don’t even know where to being with this one. This is epic Engrish. I made the picture larger so you could all try to decipher.

And now one of my very favorite that I found last month, but somehow neglected to put on my blog.

oh boy…

To be fair, with as much fun as I poke at these examples of Engrish, I have to hand it to how hard the adults here are trying to make sure their children are bilingual. I’ll leave you with this picture of Edutainer Matt playing hangman with some Korean Kidlets outside Tom N Toms.  This round, the little boy made up the word for Matt to guess. I challenge Americans of his age to spell “complication” perfectly like this kid did. Way to go, bud, you make us feel like we might actually be making a difference here.


2 thoughts on “ENGRISH of the Month 2!

  1. Happy Vatsnkung! This may be my new favorite holiday…
    Somehow sounds very German to me. Nonetheless, I am sad that the male one lost.

  2. Zerps, In an unfortunate traffic. Oh dear!!!

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